Press Like – Baa by Don Matthews

A white sheep looking at the camera with tilted head
Image Source: Snappa


I think some people have a sheep mentality and will press ‘like’ for anything regardless of it being good or bad.  To show support for the writer.

Why do you always press like?…..


Because why?…….. Becos  he writes good…..Doesn’t he?…….

Press Like….Baa

A cartoon of a herd of sheep

baaa… like… like…

Why do we press like Leader? …


Becos why?…..

Becos all writers need encouragement my flock….


Cartoon of a white sheep


Cartoon of a white sheep


Cartoon of a white sheep


Cartoon of a white sheep

Yes Billy? (the black sheep)…….

Cartoon of a black sheep

But he’s writing shit……

What’s he saying Leader?…..

Cartoon of a flock of sheep

Are we baaing that we like shit?……

At this stage of the story, Leader, Billy and Flock settle down for a lesson in poetry appreciation.


Don is an Australian writer who focuses on humour.  He runs the ‘Flippant, Comic, and Serious’ website.

Don Matthews Author picture
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15 Comments Add yours

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Don’s funny verse brings to light the shaky relationship between writer and reader. Does one like a post for the sake of liking or because one must follow others who have liked before? Or is there a black sheep, Billy somewhere who calls a post what it exactly is…shit…
    Something to think about and giggle to. I sure did.
    Congratulations Don on another funny one.


    1. I hope you don’t do this Terveen?

      ‘Does one like a post for the sake of liking or because one must follow others who have liked before?

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      1. Terveen Gill says:

        Not at all, Don. No baa…baa… here.

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        1. No baas here
          All baas there
          Billy says keep shit
          Keep it there

          Billy knows good writes from shit. I taught him……

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  2. Jeff Flesch says:

    This is fantastic, Don. Funny and witty, and a nice reflection. Enjoyed it much.

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    1. Thanks Jeff. While I like funny/witty i like to include a serious message as well…..

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      1. Jeff Flesch says:

        Indeed, Don. All of the above came through, my friend.

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  3. brittabenson says:

    Loved this. Just to let you know: I only press the like button, when I actually like something and I’d rather my readers did the same for my posts. Same goes for followers, some people feel obliged to follow me because I follow them – it should never be like that. Follow and like what you want to follow and like. Otherwise, it becomes meaningless.

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    1. Thanks Britta.. I like and comment only on work I consider worthy of merit. It really annoys me seeing readers continually liking what Billy calls shit. Why? “We always press like. He’s our favourite blogger.” But it’s shit. “Wot’s that?” Give up Don……..

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  4. floweringink says:

    This is great! Hysterical and has a point; where do we draw the like line? Support is good and important, feeling a part of a community can be uplifting, but perhaps we don’t have to like everything just for the sake of pressing that button.

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    1. My exact point floweringink ‘we don’t have to like everything just for the sake of pressing that button’……baa

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  5. Cassa Bassa says:

    Don you have unique insight into things and a keen observer.

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  6. Hello, Don. In my experience, what I find is that most of them “like” without having read. They do not know the importance of what they do or stop doing on the Internet and they are not aware of whether or not to follow someone, that reading and commenting on what an author writes or not, works in two ways: it affects the online reputation of the writer and the reader. We are all users of the network and with what we do we leave a trail of breadcrumbs to be found. Whether a text is worth reading or not can only be evaluated by users who give themselves the trouble of clicking to read a complete article. The system knows it, that’s why those who share without having read are considered “irrelevant accounts.” We were all sheep at one point, but study and practice teach us to spot shit. Thank you very much for generating such an interesting conversation.

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    1. Thanks Maria. I think many just press like without bothering to read as you say. Maybe they have established a previous like (but not read) support for the writer and feel ‘guilty’ if not continuing to support. Maybe they want to belong to the crowd (baa). Or maybe they just like seeing their pic spread around everywhere? Press like baa press like baa…… .

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