Crowder by Don Matthews

A cartoon of a man's open skull and the brain erupting and a man diving out of the skull
Image Source: Snappa

I tend to be a crowder

Crowding people’s ears

My mind’s too overactive

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

Mind, don’t be a crowder

Don’t wear your welcome out

Slow down your thoughts, restrict, withhold

Still need my friends about

OK, create, but know your place

Can’t always centre stage

There’s other players in this game

Who also need a wage

But we, your faithful neurons

Prolifically, we think!

Which I in true-like fashion

Prolifically then ink!

Just try and slow your horses

Rein them in a tat

And let me organize myself

And figure where I’m at

OK Don….

Keeping up with a racing mind is a problem.  While the mind creates 100%, the body has only time to process 50%.  Aaargh I’m doomed…


Don is an Australian writer who focuses on humour.  He runs the ‘Flippant, Comic, and Serious’ website.

Don Matthews Author picture
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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Don’s writings are humorous but they always reflect upon the serious. An overactive mind can be a boon and a bane. Creativity gushes from a mind that recognizes no boundaries. But the flip side is that it’s hard to switch off and detach from the constant flow. Maybe the racing mind needs a strict master that keeps it in check. Possible and impossible…
    Congratulations Don!

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  2. Jeff Flesch says:

    That’s awesome, Don. Love the playfulness and important message behind this piece.

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      1. Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re most welcome. My pleasure.


  3. Bubbling with funny thoughts.
    Great Friday post.

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    1. I like to keep Friday bubbly…..

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  4. elcieloyelinfierno says:

    Brilliant entrance !! Only with careful periodic training can a mind be trained. Breathing techniques; the art of silence and periodic meditation can make it possible to control the rogue mind. A cordial greeting.

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