Morning in the Desert by Nick Pipitone

Image Source: Snappa

Watching the horizon, bright sun high above

baking the desert this lonely morning

I came here for mystical union, for total silence

but the mighty sun cares not this morning

What of the Desert Fathers, who searched for love

retreated to their cells in the morning?

Did they unlock secrets, away from violence

find perfect solitude in quiet mornings?

I’ve read their books, listened to their tales,

but the words escape me this morning

I want my eyes to be removed of scales,

like St. Paul seeing Jesus in the morning

But I am no monk, no, far from it,

I wake, smoke cigarettes in the mornings

I am an addict, one of broken spirit,

my mind races furiously each morning

When will I heal, come to my peace,

not wake feeling dread each morning?

I’m here in this desert, looking for release

from a thousand dejected mornings

The sky a bruised purple, the rising sun

nothing but empty space this morning

I let go of my fears, they weigh like a ton

alas, peace will not come this morning

Cross-legged I sit, the journey’s never done,

one day at a time, each and every morning.


Nick Pipitone lives and writes in the Philadelphia, PA, area in the United States, where he was born and raised. His fiction and poetry have been published in Bewildering Stories, The Drabble, and Lucy’s Works, among other places. His favorite things are books and coffee.

Read more of Nick’s writing at Fiction & Ideas – Stories, Thoughts, and Musings.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Nick’s beautiful poetic style and expression leave the reader in a state of contemplation. Hurt and healing go hand-in-hand, and none of us are strangers to it. Many times, we read the words written by great saints and sages, wishing for resolutions to our own chaotic states. Acceptance is the first step in the right direction. Take one day at a time…
    Congratulations Nick!


  2. Questions that run through our minds when we sit in the quiet, the stillness of which every kindred heart can relate to, not only the monks and sages. Great poem.

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  3. elcieloyelinfierno says:

    Very good and sensitive entry; covered in dismay and sadness! Tell the protagonist; That he must try to train the mind to finally have faith and convince himself that every dawn is a new life that begins. A cordial greeting.

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  4. Nick Pipitone says:

    Thanks so much for posting, Terveen! I am especially proud of this poem, so it’s good to see it found a home.

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  5. tony espino says:

    Excellent writing! I’m always reading the words of sages and immediately forgetting them.

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  6. jonicaggiano says:

    This is a lovely creative piece. A wondering soul trying to find solace where solace is hard to find. I especially loved the part about Paul, such a beautifully placed reference. The yearning and hope are feel entwined in this piece to me. I loved it. Thank you for sharing. Sending Hugs, Joni

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  7. I’ve been reading and enjoying Nick’s writing for a while, and I also enjoyed this poem. He well describes a search for deeper meaning and not finding it — but continuing to look. It values determination and an open mind that’s willing to learn.

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  8. Nick, this is a wonderful piece full of interesting dichotomies. Monk/addict one could argue they are equal/different, different side of same coin perhaps. Great poem!

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