Spectrum of Traits by Rinku Mani Devi

Two pair of hands surrounding a newborn
Image Source: Snappa

The vibrant and squalling sound

Brought our child to life,

Stained with my blood

Her tender body emitted a supreme

And divine spectrum of traits,

As if all the colours of the light

Were the jewels bestowed upon her

By the grace of the omnipotent;

With each colour narrating a tale

About her glistening fate.

The violet radiated her strengths

Knitting it on her palm’s lines,

Bordering it by a faint shade of indigo

That symbolised her weaknesses;

The blue colour shone like her

Indomitable courage to fight back,

When suppressed by the society’s hand.

Her eyes were emitting a green blaze

Beholding the whole nature in its depths,

And her face was shimmering like

Netted yellow beams of sun

Leaking through the cracks of hope.

Her smile was a magical concoction

Of saffron and cherry potion,

That promised me to stay cheerful

Even in moments which would be painful.

Those spectrum of traits were what

I saw when I peeped at my child,

Lying at one end of my bed side.


Born on 26th of November, 1997 in an Assamese family residing in Guwahati, Rinku Mani Devi grew to be the eldest daughter of the family. An MBA graduate, she started writing poems from class 6 and continued polishing her skills with time. Being an amateur poet, she has co-authored almost 10 anthologies and co-compiled 2 anthologies.  Her greatest dream is to be a recognised poet and bring out her own poetry book someday.

Read more of her work at Misty Love Verses and @mistyloveverses.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Rinku Mani Devi writes of love and hope and the beloved dreams for one’s child. It is a connection that is formed from a newborn’s first breath. I love how she paints a vivid and warm blessing for the child’s wonderful life ahead. It’s a beautiful rendering of a parent’s heart.
    Congratulations Rinku Mani Devi.


  2. jonicaggiano says:

    What a beautiful piece describing all the wonderful characteristics of a child seen by it’s mother. I love the use of all the metaphors and it is just so lovely and visual. It is easy to see the two of them in the bed with the new born wrapped tight in a blanket and the mother starring at her child thinking of all the blessings she will bring. Congratulations on your publication. Hugs, Joni

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