Intelligent Brain or Delicate Mind? by Vineet Singh Galhotra

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As you scroll the feed of social media, you come across so many auto suggestions. Most of the time, they are the links to your searches in google. It means whatever you search, whenever you search, your social media tracks your search and tries to offer a solution to your query.

Our mind too is just like google. It can offer you the most complex solution provided you try to dig deep in the vastness of your mind space. We live in a world which sharpens and develops our brains through academics but leaves our mind under developed and malnourished.

If we talk of the human brain, man can do anything with his brain. He has gone, he is going, to the moon, to space. He has invented, he is inventing software. He has discovered, he is discovering electronic gizmos. He has done most extraordinary things outwardly, but he has not gone far deeply within himself. Fact is, the journey to the farthest outer space is far more closer than the journey within.

What prevents man from this journey within? Is it ambition, desire or greed?  If we take a deeper look, the words ambition, desire and greed are nothing but a reflection of each other. An ambition comes with a desire and desire often is accompanied by a sense of greed. As you fulfill your ambition, a desire erupts and as you satiate that desire, greed to acquire more of what you desired fuels your ambition again and this vicious cycle of troika of ambition, greed and desire never ends.

Ironically, you never come to know how time elapsed in tracking this journey. All this while, if everything falls in place, you will never ever leave this vicious cycle.

Contemplation occurs only when you encounter a roadblock. That roadblock can be a health disorder, a relationship gone sour, or a major setback in your profession.

During such times, your smart and overdeveloped brain goes into hibernation, and you invoke the services of your underdeveloped and malnourished mind. Such roadblocks make you lonely as your mind does not adjust to the altered reality. By lonely, I do not infer being alone but being alone even in a robust crowd.

Interestingly, we try to escape that loneliness through knowledge, through earned success, through acquired money, through religion, through discourses, through satsang, through chanting, through every form. You tend to enjoy that escape but the moment you return to your routine, that loneliness comes back with a vengeance, as you had never ever learnt the art of managing your mind.

Perhaps, that is the reason, even the most intelligent and qualified are unable to handle themselves during such roadblocks and often end up in melancholic depths of sadness and depression.

 A developed mind can handle all the misadventures emanating from the follies of a developed brain, but a developed brain is never developed enough to handle what only a developed mind can face.

Develop your mind before you develop your brain as that can make you and your life invincible.


Vineet Singh Galhotra is the author of two books…

1. Inner Calls (published in 2015) 

2. Truthful Untruths (published in 2019) 

Vineet has a designated blog space in the prestigious Times of India. Please visit Times of India Blogs to read more of his writing.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Vineet’s words give the brain something to chew on. We are so influenced by what’s going on around us that we rarely cater to what’s going on inside of us. If one could tame the inner fluctuations and put the ever transforming energies to good use, every individual would be at peace and this world would reflect the calmness. Let’s truly think about it.
    Congratulations Vineet!

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  2. Vineet Singh Galhotra says:

    Terveen, thank you so much for appreciating and enriching my piece with your insight and wisdom.

    Knowing self is a life long quest….a thirst which never quenches…a desire where greed to delve deep never satiates…where results are hazy, blurred and less visible.

    Yet, that inner conflict creates a magical experience where you encounter within a persona which you have never met. That persona talks, reminds, cautions, applauds and take us to those uncharted destinations where we never ever wanted to go.

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  3. jonicaggiano says:

    This is a very interesting piece. Congratulations on your publication. Inner peace, I believe, is something that takes decades. There are so many distractions as a young person and teenager that they are blessed if they do well in school and succeed in their education. Trying to just get where it is quiet is a challenge these days. I think knowing and training your mind is a great idea but I don’t think it is easy to do. I believe that it takes years of practice and not being influenced by others takes a good self esteem, good nutrition, and a sense of safety. What a blessing it would be if we were all so disciplined. Just think of the possibilities of loving and working with the inhabitants of this world instead of going to war, where so many die. Blessings to you sir and congratulations on your books as well. Peace, Joni

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  4. Vineet Singh Galhotra says:

    Couldn’t more Joni.
    We learn this discipline only when life disciplines us. This is perhaps the only way our wayward mind learns. If I give an analogy, in cricket, when a ball is hit for a sixer by a batsman, the whole stadium erupts into an applause. The mind of that batsman encounters an unusual high. But, when the ball misses the bat and instead hits the batsman on his body, the fast pace of the ball causes an injury. That injury creates a conflict in mind as batsman has to suffer the ignominy of missing the ball as well as he has to bear the pain of that injury. Facts remains, mind reforms, transforms and performs only when it encounters a conflict. Till then, it just gloats in a self created appreciative cocoon. Thanks a bunch for adding grace to my sharing with your insight.

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  5. parikhit says:

    How insightful! True, for a good part of the time and in our life we concentrate on scaling new heights, on attaining all that one possibly can, to leave a mark, to be liked, to be the best but seldom do we concentrate on gazing within. Perhaps if we could do that things would be so simple. Meditation helps so very much.

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  6. Vineet Singh Galhotra says:

    Thank you so much for reading, appreciating and reflecting….grateful to the core 🌹🌹


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