Who has Woe by Ayieko Sami

The side silhouette close up of a man leaning his head against his clasped hands which rest against a wall
Image Source: Snappa

show me a sorrowful person,

one with wounds that do not heal,

where is he that is so contentious

show me him that is unhappy and is full of complaints

his eyes are often bloodshot,

show him to me- and I will show an alcoholic,

who searches up and down for mixed wine

he loves as wine sparkles in the glass,

one sip, two, three,

he lingers longer with wine,

he smiles at its redness,

and marvels as it swirls around smoothly

then it starts stinging like a viper,

he’ll see strange things,

and feel like one falling into the deep void with no end

he’ll start babbling and won’t stop-

he receives beating after beating but won’t feel

when wine stings, it stings mercilessly

he won’t feel his arm or legs

when he wakes up, he wants more wine

who has woe?


Ayieko Sami is a Kenyan student who passionately writes short stories and poems for fun, and to keep a store of the happenings in the world in poetic forms for the younger generation to pick and learn from. Writing is therapeutic he says. You can read more of his poems at Bird Poetry.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Ayieko writes of sorrow and the habits we form to deny it. Alcohol can muddle the senses and make one feel relaxed and at ease. But it’s simply a temporary feeling. Yet some make sure that they stay under the influence, an escape from life and the realities that must be faced. Any addiction is harmful and it doesn’t take away but adds to the suffering. ‘Beating after beating’ – that’s the harshness put in a subtle way.
    Congratulations Ayieko!

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    1. Sami says:

      Thank you so much Terveen for this platform.

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  2. jonicaggiano says:

    Congratulations. This is a very bold and honest description about alcoholism. It covers the pleasure that comes with the mere thought of consuming it and the intense feelings each part of the process creates. As we know nothing wrong with enjoying a glass or even two on occasion but living from one black out to the next is a horrible thing to watch. Blessings to you!

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  3. What a descriptive poem so well told and honestly shared Ayieko. Congratulations! 💖🌻👏

    Liked by 2 people

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