It Can Happen to Anyone by Steve Gun

The blue hued close up of a man's face who is lying in a water filled bathtub
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It can happen to anyone.  You can be lifting weights and the ventilation system could crush you.  You can be at Target and see a hot trashy slut.  You can be at Walmart and see a classy woman wearing a skirt who watches Ingmar Bergman films.  You can approach a woman who wants to fuck you too.  You can approach a woman who brushes you off, because she thinks you want to rape her and make gumbo out of her body parts.  You can get laid tomorrow.  You can be a pitiful lonely creature crying in bed because you can’t get laid tomorrow.  You can become indignant and shoot up a school.  You can not shoot up a school and make art instead.  You can be an inertia mass of shit.  You can bury yourself two hundred feet underground in apathy and play videogames all day.  You can quit your job and footslog it through the mountains.  You can become a vagrant who sits on the corner of a street calling people fat pigs.  You can become schizophrenic and make catatonic facial expressions while reading a book out loud in the middle of a city.  You can die.  You can die and go somewhere.  You can die and go nowhere.  You can have an existential crisis.  You can go mad.  You can go so crazy that you pull your hair out while curled up in fetal position on the bathroom floor.  You can hold a Remington 870 to your head and pull the trigger.  You can hold a Remington 870 to your head and not pull the trigger.  You can fall in love.  You can never fall in love.  You can think about the things that can happen to you, or you cannot think about the things that can happen to you; both are valid choices.  I try not to think about it too much though.  I’m too busy writing unrefined barbaric caveman shit.


Steve Gun is like the trashy version of a renaissance man.  Born and raised in the Midwest, Steve was constantly trying to fill the boredom in his life by doing all sorts of things.  As a result, Steve spends his time writing, lifting weights, skateboarding, backpacking, and playing guitar.  As for his working life, Steve is part time military and works full time as a wind-turbine technician. Read more of his thoughts and writing at Sublimation for My Turmoil.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Steve’s writing isn’t for those who are easily offended. Life these days is all about appearances and little attention is paid to what lies deep beneath. People, places, relationships, ideas, conversations, writing – if the the outside is decent and comfortable, then who cares about the demons that reside within. Facades can only be maintained so long and anything can happen to anyone. The world wishes to sweep the ugliness aside, but how about facing the truth and doing something about it? Not everyone’s cup of tea, is it?
    Congratulations Steve!


    1. Steve Gun says:

      Thank you Terveen! Love the incisive description of a chaotic piece 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jonicaggiano says:

    Congratulations Steve for the publication! Steve, for me your piece shows us just how chaotic our world is and how we are or can be affected by it. It touched on some very significant points that affect many people as a result of the craziness we live in. Thanks you, nice to meet you and have an amazing day!

    Liked by 2 people

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