A Day in the Night of the Walking Sleeper by Tony Ashenden

The abstract swirl of a man and woman embracing in bed

Ah! The pain

the wanting all over dilemma

sober reach out

sweet grape of confusion;

a duchess spread out on her savage’s bed

willing her blood

red to the lips of her lackeying male,

neither caring the speech or the stain of his whip.

Taking the seventh

of her seconding breaths at the weep of secretion.

Comes now the concentration;

the apex of arc,

the long drawn laugh of the physical man.

The peak,

then the plummet of an up thrown stone;

departing fire.

Then the cold

and then the winter of a why gloom face

frosting the smile of devil cares not

into peaceful beginning;

a child in the low of the arc,

weak murmur of problem.

And yet in end it begins;

in the no start never finish real of the spark,

in the still heard gasp

mute echo of Psi fleeing the white.

In the good die young

the crude soldier damning

as with the devils and the un-vowed nun;

the same design.

All blind fisherman in the day-night

casting pearls

from the corporeal banks of unsettled sublimity.

It manifests

as harpoon with a white heat line;

the strongest plus and minus seed.

All charge of the instrument cannon,

Time traveller

to the state of perpetual climax; there

as the spear of the deepest descent.

The finder receiving

the arranged and irrevocable choice;

the twin of sex:

Satan-Father coalescent; the perfect crown.


Tony is a seasoned traveller; a computer analyst, seaman, shaman, and a complementary alternative therapist. He is a writer of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. In his own words – Life is real only then when I am. Please visit his blog Mine Quick Voice of Aquarius to read more of his work.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Tony’s poetry conjures images of good and evil and their repeated natures. His words draw the reader into a world soaked with drama, savagery, and an innocence that inspires goodness. I enjoy the various forms that are employed to put across the message of good and bad being the two sides of the same coin. There’s nothing black or white and gray is the shade that drapes the world. A fine piece of writing.
    Congratulations Tony!


  2. Hi Terveen, perceptive commentary -thank you. There is a deeper side to this poem, I wonder how many will pick up on it?

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  3. jonicaggiano says:

    Well this is certainly thought provoking. I have read it a few times now and I too see many parts of both good and evil. To me it describes a vampire and his total disregard for humanity. A vampire never dies unless of course by very specific means. I like a piece that challenges my thinking. The last sentence really got me. Congratulations!

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  4. Hi Jonicaggiano, an interesting view of the poem -thankyou! The question I posed in the poem was when two people couple sexually what happens besides the heat of passion and the psychological response to the act? Thereafter ‘in the no start never finish real of the spark, in the still heard gasp, mute echo of Psi fleeing the white. something else is happening of which we are largely ignorant.

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  5. jonicaggiano says:

    Now you have really got me thinking. Are you referring to Postcoital Dysphoria? If this is what you are referring to, it makes sense to me given the poem. It is an interesting phenomenon. More women experience this men but I believe that is because a lot of women are not comfortable telling a men how to please her sexually. Anyway thank you for engaging, perks my interest. Thank you and blessings, Joni

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  6. Hi Joni, not really. I’m not referring to a blues feeling reaction. The ‘wondering child in the low of the arc’ is conscious of something happening beyond the physical emotional reaction they had. However your view of the poem’s meaning is just as valid as mine, thanks for commenting, and blessings to you too! Tony x

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