INSPIRATION by Michael Walters

A woman in a large curly blonde wig holding a disco ball on her lap and laughing with her mouth wide open
Image Source: Canva

Ian knew being creative meant a lot of perspiration

Not that his muse always appreciated it

She was as fickle as they came

Pouting when he offered her the wrong sacrifices

It made it difficult for him to get his novel done

Reaching for the brandy, he poured a healthy fifth and pounded it back

At least he would appreciate it, even if she didn’t

That’s when the thought hit him

It was such genius.  He muttered a quick thank you to his muse

Only his muse didn’t hear his mutterences

No, she was too busy laughing at the drunken foolishness she had fed him this time


Michael Walters is a physicist and a roboticist with the heart of a writer/poet. To read more of his unique writing, please visit Never Short On Words and A Haiku a Day.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Michael gives inspiration a maddening twist. This could be a warning to all writers – choose your muse wisely. It’s tough enough to write and seeking inspiration should be an enlightening process. I’ll have to sit back and think hard about my own choices. Could the inspiration we seek be our greatest enemies? Looks like I’ve been blaming myself unjustly when the words don’t come. It’s the muse not me. Have to remember that from now on.
    Congratulations Michael!


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