Self-Forgiveness by Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

The abstract colorful painting of a woman engulfed by pain and looking up in hope
Image Source: Canva

With lowered eyes
and a hushed mouth,
silence my sighs,
while in mid route.

Plastered smiles fly,
push sorrows down.
Happy disguise,
covers deep frowns.

Frantic inside,
loud voices shout,
hurt and chastised,
in and throughout.

Draw breath in tight,
knees hit the ground,
faith flows up high,
angelic sounds.

Sweat beads baptize,
hopes swirl around,
wishes arise,
dissolving clouds.

Stop to revise
regrets and doubts.
Life provides light,
that clear and sprout.


Grace lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband, children, and two dogs. Read more of her writing at Grace of the Sun.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Grace writes of hurt and despair that can bring a person to their knees – literally. One tries not to show it, one hopes it will disappear, one waits till the waiting often transforms to years. Be kind, be gentle, be your own loyal friend. Allow the pain to be replaced with hope and faith. Look ahead to what can be and let the past rest where it is. If you can’t forgive yourself, then it doesn’t matter if someone else will. Get back on your feet and follow these poetic words to a place without doubt and fears.
    Congratulations Grace!

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    1. Thank you so much, Terveen . Truly appreciate this beautiful summation of my poem. Love the picture you selected as well.💕

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  2. Sadje says:

    Congratulations Grace on publication of this gorgeous poem.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sadje.💕

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      1. Sadje says:

        You’re most welcome! A well deserved honor

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  3. Saima.SK says:

    Congratulations Grace💕👍🙂 such a strong message you conveyed through your beautiful poetic verses, loved the title.
    “Stop to revise
    regrets and doubts.
    Life provides light,
    that clear and sprout”

    Really beautiful 👍💕🙂

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  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    Such a gorgeous write, Grace. I love it. 💞

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  5. jonicaggiano says:

    Grace this is so lovely written and I like the way you have placed faith within this piece. What a beautiful pairing with your lovely visuals. Thank you Grace and congratulations. Happy Friday to you, hugs, Joni

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  6. Such a beautiful piece Grace! I love it like all of your work!

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  7. Lovely! Congratulations!

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  8. Reblogged this on Light Overtakes Darkness and commented:
    The importance of self-forgiveness rendered in arms of beautiful stanzas.

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