Almost Always by Bharath Upendra

The silhouette of a man standing in front of a huge stone maze
Image Source: Canva

I opened my eyes and looked to my right; I almost woke up. I make my way to the kitchen, looking for the toothbrush, I’m almost still asleep. I grope around trying to feel, trying to figure out what I was looking for, something I almost forgot. I look at the pack of biscuits in my hand and reluctantly start consuming one after another, walking into the hall; I almost remembered what I wanted but then, it didn’t matter. A flash of gleeful memories floods my semi-occupied mind and before I could realise the emptiness, I am almost happy and by the time I embraced the moment, I was completely lost and almost regretful.


Bharath Upendra considers himself a regular Joe who unapologetically talks about the usual and obvious. Writing to him is like an uninvited guest who still hasn’t left and to whom he’s gotten used to anyway.

You can find more of his writing at Bharath’s Banter where he speaks his mind and writes his heart.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Bharath’s writing is always a creative play of thoughts and emotions. This piece is no different. The then, the now, and the thereafter. Each human is coping, grasping, a representation of their wants and actions. If that now can be felt and cherished even for a mere second, then the step towards realizing the value of existence has already been taken.
    Congratulations Bharath!


  2. jonicaggiano says:

    I enjoyed reading this and could relate to the difficulty of being mindful especially when tired. It was like reading about a loss as well. When the person finally was awake and feeling that happiness he then began to feel sorrow at what loss he had experienced. So many feelings in such a short piece, lovely writing. Big hugs, Joni

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