See by Bharath Upendra

The abstract image of the close up of a pair of green eyes against the bluish-green backdrop of patterned trees and sky
Image Source: Canva

There’s a doodle of a tree on the wall parallel to my bed which is more of a phallus than a tree. Every night, I try convincing myself it’s not what I think it is. One that drew it says it’s definitely a tree, whoever lays their eyes on it says it’s an erect penis. Creators give their things a meaning which gets distorted by perspectives. Creations themselves lack meaning without a perspective and an emotional motive attached to them. 

A basic misunderstanding of reality is at play here trying to tell us something (or someone) is wrong and we are right. Whatever was on the wall was beyond the illusions of reality as it becomes an illusion itself, changing its meaning with interpretations and shaping a sub reality, in this infinitely large and ever expanding reality we made for ourselves.


Bharath Upendra considers himself a regular Joe who unapologetically talks about the usual and obvious. Writing to him is like an uninvited guest who still hasn’t left and to whom he’s gotten used to anyway.

You can find more of his writing at Bharath’s Banter where he speaks his mind and writes his heart.

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