An Ode to the Swallows by Chandrima Debi

The close up of a nest of swallow birds with their mouths open as a mother swallow bird feeds them
Image Courtesy: Suman Mitra

Swallows flying high,
Up above in the sky;
Swooshing through the mountains,
Diving in the valley deep;
To catch insects swarming in the air,
with a velocity steep.

Agile and alert are your actions,
Random turn sometimes;
I couldn’t follow your flying course,
Lost track many times!!!

Off you fly from your cozy nest,
Into the trees surround;
Next moment you are out of sight,
Flying somewhere around.

People believe you bring good luck,
To the place you breed;
Little nests, along the concrete wall and ceiling,
Artist or an architect, from where you learn these skills?

Laying eggs, nursing babies,
care and protection you provide;
You ward away many predators,
Chasing them away, until they hide.

Yesterday, I saw you along with your babies,
You were teaching them how to fly;
To survive, to struggle and persevere,
Till they are ready to soar up high in the sky.

The rapid urbanisation sufficing human selfishness,
has snatched away your home;
And forced you to make your nest in the artificial biome.

But you are adapting to the ecological changes,
I doubt whether we humans will be;
Swallows flying high up in the sky,
Next season will you come to visit us
or maybe?


Chandrima is a Doctorate in Forestry. She shares her observations and experiences with nature and environment through her writings, poetry, and photography, instilling love for mother nature and the forests, aiding towards the protection and conservation of biodiversity, wildlife and the values associated. Please visit Dr. Chandrima Debi’s Blog to connect with her and nature.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Chandrima’s lovely tribute to the swallows is also a sad reminder of how humans are careless and inconsiderate. Nature caters to all living beings no matter how big or small, weak or powerful. Yet in our lust and greed for more, we have ravaged the homes of so many wordless creatures. I hope there’s still a chance to rectify past mistakes. Maybe the swallows can teach us a thing or two about living a contained and contented life.
    Congratulations Chandrima!

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  2. jonicaggiano says:

    Congratulations on your publication, Doctor. Your profession must be a difficult one these days. I loved your poem for the beauty that the thousands of variety of different birds and their songs bring me great joy. I love the dance of the swallows, and just watching them brings me so much joy. These lines especially ring true where we live right now.

    “The rapid urbanization sufficing human selfishness,
    has snatched away your home;
    And forced you to make your nest in the artificial biome.”

    Here they are building at least a thousand homes close to our home. There used to be an archway of trees all the way here. We have an acre and a quarter, and our backyard is natural, and we often have four to fifteen deer feeding corn in our back yard. Bless you, for going into a field that is so important to our world. I still don’t think people understand that we can not survive without trees. Hugs, Joni

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    1. Thank you very much… I hope mankind realises that and enacts before it’s too late

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      1. jonicaggiano says:

        Me too. Sometimes I get the feeling that people are literally in the dark, or have their heads in the sand. There are many patents on artificial bees, because bees are disappearing and people don’t even believe it’s true. We have robotic sex dolls that are flying off the shelves, at a cost of 6000 per doll. We are running out of water in the United States and other countries that we promise to help by giving them water, we no longer have to give. Yet we continue to destroy the world around us. I can tell you’re a young woman and I am very grateful that people like yourself are trying to do something to make this a better world. Blessings to you Dr. Chandrima. 🌲🌳🌴

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