Glass Shards in the Bloodstream by Bogdan Dragos

The black and white side profile of a woman's face holding up a broken shard of glass against her face with the reflection of two eyes in it
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she still read

random internet articles

from time to time

and it was in

one of them

that she found the good


It was below

a post titled


that she didn’t bother

to read

the one she did bother

to read

explained that small

shards of glass can

enter the body through


and make their way

through the veins

to the heart

And that kills



a good way to go

Not too messy and not too


and, best of all,

not likely to be labeled

as suicide


She finished her


and put the phone away

and went into her

room where she locked

herself in

The large hand mirror

lay face down

on the nightstand

She grabbed it

and stretched on the floor

and rolled under

the bed

where she removed her


and watched herself in

the mirror

surrounded by cold


“I found it,” she said. “The

way to go. Finally!”

The shadowy shape

in the mirror

watched her for a few


then it told her, “I doubt

it. We both know

how likely you are to

find anything, dear.”

“No, this time

I found it for sure. It’s


“Meh, alright, go ahead,

amaze me.”

“O-okay, so listen. Science

has proven that–”

“What the fuck d’you know

about science? Are

you serious?”

“Listen to me!

I know that small shards

of glass can

infiltrate your bloodstream

and reach your heart.

That way you can die. It’s

that easy!”

“Glass shards?”

“Yeah, the smaller

the better. You can grind

the glass like fine

sand. I know glass is

made from sand. See, I’m not

that dumb.

And I can do it. Oh, I can

definitely do it. This

I know for sure.”

“It’s a wonder you know

anything for sure.

And how long does it take for

the glass to reach

your heart?”

“Um, it depends from

person to person, I’d say.”

“You’d say? Oh, all of a

sudden you’re

the grand expert, eh?”

“Stop being


“Fuck you. Listen, I got

another idea. Instead of

glass, why don’t you

cut yourself with

iron fillings? And then,

after they made their

way into your

bloodstream, use a powerful


to guide them to

the heart. It’ll be

faster that way, won’t it?”

“Um… Wow, you’re…


“I’m as smart as you

are dumb. Thanks.”

“Well, you’re also as

mean as I am…”

“What? Kind? Oh, don’t

make me laugh.”

She didn’t laugh

she was angry. Furious

She headbutted the

hand mirror

and cracked it

and headbutted it

again and broke it

The shards got into

the skin of her forehead

and cheeks

and nose

she hurled the mirror’s

frame away

The only thing

she knew

at the moment was

that she no longer

wanted to die

but to kill

She rolled away from

under the bed

and exited the room

and knocked with her

fist into the

bathroom door

There was

no one on the other



Bogdan Dragos supervises casinos for a gambling company, working twelve-hour shifts locked in a dark office full of TV monitors. There he mostly daydreams and writes poems and stories. He also manages a poetry blog Daydreaming as a profession.

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Bogdan captures the darkness of the mind in the most creative light. I think before the internet, people’s wants and curiosities were contained. But now everything (good or bad) is simply a google away. So much exposure can only add fuel to the fire and burn any remaining sanity to a crisp. I wonder if this was inspired from a real internet post…
    Congratulations Bogdan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! (⁎˃ᆺ˂ )

      Though I hope nobody ever has to make such an internet post (if they did, it would’ve been taken down by the moderators in no time, I’d say… Or, well, it depends on the platform).
      The desire to escape this plane of existence through the easiest route possible is definitely something a lot of humans share (unfortunately). It’s not because they’re bad or because they’ve given up on this world completely. Mostly it’s because the real world fails again and again to live up to their fantasies.
      One such a soul was the poet Charles Bukowski who drank heavily all day and would hurl the bottles at the walls and walk barefoot through the house and cut his feet in the shards. He’s the one I learned this from :))) And no, I will not put it in practice in the real world, only in the fictional one 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

  2. jonicaggiano says:

    Your stories always get to me. I actually had to look it up and do a bunch of research. Great story brought back some sad memories of when my mom fed my little sister lightbulb glass in her scrambled eggs. She only saw it because she left a piece of the filament. Many will read it and not believe this. However, by then I was gone and there was no one left to help protect her. It was horribly sad for me to hear this over the news. It sounds like the metal might have been dangerous but she saw the filament in time to quit eating the eggs. So your story is truly good and sounds like a crazy idea, we know now that it is not really that crazy after all. Nice going Dragos. I so enjoy reading your work. Many hugs, Joni

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ヽ(O_O )ノ
      Wow, that sounds absolutely crazy!
      I knew a boy once who put a whole lightbulb in his mouth as part of a stupid internet challenge. Apparently, it’s easy to place a lightbulb inside one’s mouth, but then you can’t take it out (unless you have a ridiculously large mouth, I guess). Well, long story short, the lightbulb had to be broken to be taken out and of course that left some horrible bleeding injuries. It was a fairly disturbing thing, but at least the boy put the lightbulb into his mouth by his own free will. It doesn’t compare to the thing described above. My goodness… a small injury provoked by someone who is supposed to protect and love us hurts infinitely more than a big injury provoked by ourselves or some complete stranger.

      I sincerely hope things are better today.
      (づ ◡﹏◡)づ

      Liked by 2 people

      1. jonicaggiano says:

        Yes, no one is getting fed glass anymore thank goodness. That is a wild story about the boy who put a light bulb in his mouth and then couldn’t get it out. What you said is true of course about being hurt, she still brings that horrible incident up even today. I have decided you are like the conscience of MasticadoresIndia. You make us think and many people who grow up in upper middle class and relatively normally find some of the things you write so insanely crazy. However, I know that they are not, I am a realist. Thanks for the big hug emoji. I have a blessed life indeed my friend. Congratulations for your publication as well. Have a great week Dragos.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Thanks!
          And many blessings to you!
          (/◔ ◡ ◔)/

          Liked by 1 person

        2. jonicaggiano says:

          You are so welcomed, thanks for the kind emoji too, and blessing to you Dragos. I can’t wait to see your next piece. Big hugs, Joni

          Liked by 1 person

  3. haoyando says:

    what an intriguing picture. The ending is unexpected–there’s nobody there…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Whenever we feel haunted and tortured by demons… There’s actually nobody there. It’s just us.
      (*◑∇◑)☞ ☜(◐∇◐*)


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