Trying is Winning by Cheenu Singh Sisodiya

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You know I have literally talked to the moon,

Whispered in my own ears.

I checked my heart if it is beating still,

I have cried in corners,

With my eyes red and cheeks wet.

I swallowed my pain with each and every bite,

I have been alone in the mob and alone in loneliness,

I have lived and I have died.

Yes, he has created that vacuum in which I get drowned,

I feel useless, worthless, discarded and even dead,

I accepted the fact that he has gone, but I haven’t moved


I’m standing here in remorse despite his betrayal,

I am stuck with my brain which is heavy as stone,

Yes, I have been through DEPRESSION,

But neither my psychologist nor I have given up.

Now at least I smile,

With my heart beating light and that vacuum gradually

filling in,

Although life is miserable, but it’s worth my try,

Trying is winning!

Yes, I have been through DEPRESSION.


Cheenu is a psychologist and works as a Special Educator in India. She pours her heart’s feelings through ink which reflect in her pen’s flow. Writing is what makes her who she is, a better human being and an empath. Her day remains incomplete without writing and she often awakens in the middle of the night just to write. Her relationship with writing is like a rhythmic heartbeat without which she feels lifeless. She’s been writing since childhood in Hindi, English and Urdu. Please visit Psychology Parallax to read more about her.

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  1. Thanks a lot , I’m very Grateful for it 😇💫

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  2. Terveen Gill says:

    Cheenu writes of the crushing feeling that accompanies depression. There are many reasons for it and getting a grip on it isn’t always easy or achievable. But there are ways to begin feeling better and that’s the first and courageous step of trying. I admire the honesty of this bold and emotional piece. There’s help that can be taken to begin the process of healing. Let’s spread the awareness.
    Congratulations Cheenu!

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  3. Thanks a lot Ma’am for your humble words 😇❤️

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  4. jonicaggiano says:

    What a beautiful piece. I know what that void feels like and I think many of us do. The way she feels is described is so vividly. The idea of meeting someone who she may not even be aware that she is at least finding some sense of being out of that bubble makes for a hopeful ending. Depression is not easy for anyone but relief from it is a blessing when it happens. It is a process like everyone else. A big congratulations, really enjoyed this thank you!

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    1. Thanks a lot for all the worthy and beautiful words 😇♥️

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