Slaughter by Tony Ashenden

And their vacant eyes;

to me dull, relative

brother-like, unto my blood.

Lesser and labelled more the beast

for being servant,

yet I fear

I fit my moulding them

too perfectly.

To moo 

and peer moronically alive 

cross thicket hedge, un-decides

the place of puppet and the master,

their voices turn

the thicket’s harsh of prickles

and point their spears to Man.

I cannot divide the poet

from the brain

let reason coldly justify,

will not take the pound of flesh;

less my Alice 

lose the Elohim of Seeing.


my one-eyed prism of awareness 

in their field 

sees acceptance as  

instrument of Right Order

in the temporal world.

It takes the fence of our divide

and blends the prickles too 

the slavered green of changing grass

and into focus

brings us less our lying tongue

to the point of light.


Tony is a seasoned traveller; a computer analyst, seaman, shaman, and a complementary alternative therapist. He is a writer of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. In his own words – Life is real only then when I am. Please visit his blog Mine Quick Voice of Aquarius to read more of his work.

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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Tony’s poetry brings to light the order of existence, the rules of supremacy. The qualities and characteristics of a living being sets their place in the pattern of life. Do intellect and emotions make humans superior to other species? Is it the strong against the weak, the voluble against the mute? Let’s not forget that humans are beasts that change their natures according to convenience. Beware!
    Congratulations Tony!


    1. does this “make humans superior to other species”? Who has proved superior here …..covid,(the lowest form of life) bringing humans (highest from of life) to its bended knees……

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  2. Thank you Terveen, as always your analysis of writing published on this site is right on target -most helpful for readers who may not get it at first reading! For readers who want to know a bit more, the Elohim is one of the seven names of God and Alice’s ability to see in Wonderland is an example of how upside down and uncomprehending our world really is!

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  3. jonicaggiano says:

    Nicely done. An interesting and provocative write. Have a blessed day. 🦋

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  4. Thankyou Joni, always appreciate your comments. Look forward to seeing your next publication.


  5. Masterfully penned Tony to be read over and over again. Rich in human / animal existence and beauty! ❣️

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