A Weathered Storm by Lauren Ham

A woman's abstract face with storms, chaos, other hands and faces, colors and patterns, lightning superimposed over it
Image Source: Canva Pro

The builder wavers, small and lost

A storm it swells inside

A lonely, scary, forlorn place

Where confusion stifles cries

Winds they howl their restless tune

So loud the echo felt in ears

A circling hurricane of thoughts

Sweeps up scattered fears

Amongst them swirls the sharp debris

Ancient scraps from depths arise

To twist and tumble, laughing on

Darkening misty skies

The earth it shakes, a rubble dance

Fracturing the dream

The builder lost for their next move

To cry, to run, to scream

But feet are planted, palms upturned

A breath goes in…and out

The wind takes notice, pausing now

To see what’s come about

Another breath, an upturned mouth

Debris turned birds that fly

The earth it stills, the rubble sleeps

All eyes are on the sky

With every breath the clouds they part

Warmth penetrates the air

The sun with steadfast presence

Whether felt is always there

The builders tool, this vital breath

To keep the storms at bay

A timeless, priceless, simple gift

To nourish every day


Lauren Ham is a certified meditation teacher living in the UK. She writes at Inwards and Upwards with the belief that happiness and fulfillment comes from within, and that both are accessible and deserved by every person.

@in.and.up (Instagram and TikTok)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Lauren’s poetry conjures a chaotic image of the internal turmoil faced by so many, and the consequent damage it inflicts. The parallel descriptions of nature’s wrath and the gradual settling is a beautiful portrayal of the despair transforming to clarity and security. Meditating upon one’s breath often settles the tempest raging within. Give yourself the chance to breathe and heal.
    Congratulations Lauren!


  2. jonicaggiano says:

    Wow, this is really beautiful poetry. I love the connection with both nature and the mind. Your rhyme and rhythm is so splendid here as well. The ending is as mellow and calm as the beginning is fierce. Congratulations, on this lovely publication. Have a blessed weekend, hugs Joni

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