Oh No, Not Another Massacre by Don Matthews

The painting of a massive gun fight between two groups depicting an old period of time
Image Source: Canva Pro

We are a happy family
Enjoying Christmas fun
About to have our turkey
(Bang) shot with our gun

Johnny got an AK9 for Christmas……

It was on his wish list……

We go to church on Sunday
Have our guns all blessed
Priest he does the honours
(Pope was once our guest)

We gave him a demonstration in the churchyard……

Neighbours were not impressed……

Dawn service……

The turkey flopped around on ground
We then said, mum what now?
Wait for turkey bleed-out boys
Then I’ll show you how…

…we dress turkey for Christmas dins……

It seems there’s been a massacre
At the local school
Using guns like ours we’re told
As the killing tool

As Congresswoman Lauren
We should all have a choice
To own a gun, to shoot, or not
(In God we all rejoice)


There’s been another massacre
Just around the bend

When will these jolly massacres
When will they ever end?

We need our guns for sportsmanship
To kill our Christmas din
Turkey, pheasant, birds of prey
(When will they ever fin?)

All of us are members
Of the NRA
Come on down (let’s yippee round)
Have a happy day

Bang bang……

Lauren’s a Donald Trump wannabe
Wannabe Trump in a dress
Doesn’t give a damn ’bout gun violence
No cares about trauma and stress

But guns aren’t the problem in US
It’s people in power behind guns
Like Boebert and Cruz and Mc Connell
Who don’t give a damn about mess

Also the NRA……

You are the source of your tyranny
Solution, you’re also the source
Select better reps using common sense
Get rid of those crossing the line

Switzerland is armed to the teeth
but with zero school shootings, annually……

You’ve interpreted the 2nd Amendment recklessly
It’s not how we meant it to be
How pathetic you haven’t made changes
Changes which you all should see


Don is an Australian writer who focuses on humour.  He runs the ‘Flippant, Comic, and Serious’ website.

Don Matthews Author picture
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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Don isn’t one to mince words or feelings. Gun violence is taking a toll on society where the ones in favor relinquish all moral responsibility and those who oppose are hardly ever heard. What about the victims, innocent and unsuspecting people, who simply wish to live their lives the best they can. Who’s accountable for their deaths and suffering? Any coward can point and shoot a gun, and sadly, more and more join this number. A shameful situation that needs harsh dealing.
    Congratulations Don!

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  2. Well said Don. And what does it say about a church who blesses guns!

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    1. Yes, what does it say about a church that blesses guns……….


  3. jonicaggiano says:

    Well Don I have to tell you that I fact checked your photos on Reddit before I could believe what I saw. The Catholic Priest was actually blessing guns for deer hunting season (we typically can have as many as 12 deer in our yard at a time, because we feed them – the excessiveness of US families to have bigger and bigger homes has lead to the cutting down of hundreds of thousands of trees this past year – hence no place for them to go). Congresswoman Lauren Boebert actually posted that pic in response to Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who had posted a picture of all his family holding guns for his 2021 Christmas card. These are the people writing the laws for the US.

    While I’m embarrassed of this, it is not an easy thing to pick up and find a residence in a different country.

    Politics is a hard nut to crack, you can not please every body on the law – BUT GUN LAWS MUST CHANGED

    “There have been at least 607 mass shootings through November 22 this year. That’s just short of the 638 mass shootings in the country at this point last year – the worst year on record since the group began tracking them in 2014. There were a total of 690 mass shootings in 2021. The United States is likely to soon surpass the total of 610 mass shootings in 2020, with more than a month left of 2022 to go.” By Janie Boschma, CNN
    Published 3:12 PM EST, Wed November 23, 2022

    Believe it or not there are lots of people in the US that hate the laws that govern the easy access and use of guns in our country.

    Your post was a very big slap in the face (I know we have a massive problem in regards to guns) but I had not seen the photos before and the one in the church was especially shocking.

    There are seventeen countries in our world as of 2023 where even police officers do not carry guns: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/countries-where-police-dont-carry-guns

    Thank you for your post and for blasting me over this morning coffee with those vile photos. The only thing we can do other than protest is to always vote on every issue or candidate that is a gun advocate.

    Great post – very sad story and a reminder of all those who have lost little children, family members, teachers, policemen and policewomen and the list is never ending.

    PS While finishing this post we are listening to rounds being fired at a shooting range that is about two miles away

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    1. You have put a lot into your reply Joni. Well done.

      Interesting about the deer culling and guns.

      Guns are a real problem in America. People are the real problem though……….


  4. Cassa Bassa says:

    Gun is not the evil. If people especially youth are not heard, don’t feel they belong to the society, don’t have hope for their future, they are prone to hold on to ideation that is destructive and morbid.
    Australia is also a young country as the US. Both fought for our freedom. There are many natural resources and modern inventions to benefit our people. However, unchecked greed in our society, driving the disadvantaged and minority in our society further away in isolation. It feels like a pressure cooker, disaster waiting to happen. Gun or no guns, they will find a way to be destructive to others or to self.

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  5. Although it’s fun to poke fun at politicians, it’s even easier to poke fun when you don’t even live in the country and don’t understand the fundamental principles and rights of the people. I support the right of the American people to own guns, always have, always will. Violence comes from the heart of the person using the gun. The high level of mental illness in America and around the world is a reflection of the human condition and the stresses placed on people in a fast-paced and alienating technological society. When guns are not available, people resort to bombs and other weapons to express their anger. As I said, violence comes from within the person – not the weapon used. And hunting and marksmanship are very much alive and well in the USA as popular sports and useful skills. Some people hunt to feed their families during the winter. It may sound like the Wild, Wild West to other people, but arming the people (gun sales skyrocket when politicians try to ban guns) keeps tyranny at bay, not only in the U.S. but elsewhere. Thank you.

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  6. I disagree with you upholding the right of every person to hold a gun. That is the root cause of the problem. It might have been OK many years ago in the age of blunderbusses but not in the age of assault weapons.

    We had our first mass shooting many years ago. The nation was in shock. The government came down hard banning guns. We have not had a problem since.

    Sportspeople can still have guns. Culling still occurs. But the general public are banned from having guns unlike America.

    The gun lobby donate huge sums of money to politicians to keep guns in circulation. That is the problem.

    Your statement ‘When guns are not available, people resort to bombs and other weapons to express their anger’ does not hold water. We don’t resort to bombs or weapons to show our anger here.

    I think America is too far gone . Sadly………

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