Eschewing Pain by Jeff Flesch

Deep within

I rest my eyes

on the nature of the cosmos

light, and dark

relegated to the mist of their



a strong sense of serendipity, and

of serenity

eschewing pain

delivering hope

and reminding us all

to know when to let go


Jeff Flesch lives in Corvallis, Oregon, and was voted the 2022 Spillwords Press Author of the Month for January and February. He is also the Author of #1 Amazon New Release Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow, is a Co-Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women, and is also a monthly contributor to two online publications, MasticadoresIndia and MasticadoresUSA. You can read more of Jeff’s poetry at Develop. Inspire. Transform, and on Twitter.

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    Jeff’s poetry always shines a ray of hope upon the dismal and the bleak, the despairing couple that gives life that challenging edge. The last line is the summation of years of life experience. ‘Letting go’ is the key to wrapping up the past and leaving it be. Moving ahead lighter is the best choice when the journey is about setting the spirit free.
    Congratulations Jeff!

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    1. Jeff Flesch says:

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Terveen. It’s always such an honor. 😊

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  2. Sadje says:

    Another lovely poem Jeff. 👍🏼😍

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    1. Jeff Flesch says:

      Thank you so much, Sadje. 😁😍

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      1. Sadje says:

        You’re most welcome

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  3. Wonderful , Jeff. Love it.💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Jeff Flesch says:

      Thank you always, Grace. 💞

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      1. My pleasure 💕


  4. jonicaggiano says:

    Amen, that is so true dear Jeff. Beautifully stated and I love the photograph with it as well. Big hugs and have a blessed week, Joni

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Jeff Flesch says:

      Amen. Thank you so much, Joni. I appreciate you, my friend. Blessings, hugs, love, and a wonderful week to you.


  5. byngnigel says:

    Letting go is hardest thing. Like saying sorry to yourself. Great work as Always Jeff. 💙

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  6. Love the photo with your words…
    yes to this “and reminding us all

    to know when to let go”

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