Fashion, Comfort and Cash by Don Matthews

An old woman in sunglasses with a blonde blunt haircut dressed in bright colored fashionable clothes and waving dollar bills in one hand
Image Source: Canva Pro

I gotta wear the latest

Latest coolest jeans

Branded JonnyJumpup

300 and 15

I travelled all the op shops

Found a pair of jeans

Brand was gone, all faded

10 dollars and 15

So which of these two, people

Fashion-wise, is cool?

The three fifteen or ten fifteen?

What is the guiding rule?

Wear what makes you comfortable

Should be the guiding rule

Not what fashion dictates

Cost lots, and may look cool


Don is an Australian writer who focuses on humour.  He runs the ‘Flippant, Comic, and Serious’ website.

Don Matthews Author picture
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. With you all the way Don!


  2. byngnigel says:

    Expect for good running sows. Other than that, I agree 💯

    Liked by 1 person

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