Masticadores adds a space to the footer… adds a space to the footer where the content is updated daily, from the authors we publish in English (USA, India, Gobblers) for Spanish readers who are bilingual. Over time it will appear on other Masticadores. We thank the efforts of the editors: Gabriela Marie Milton, Terveen Gill, Manuela Timofte and the writers who…


Thank you for helping to reach 225,000 views on Masticadores. We are very happy. j re crivello /Masticadores

200 followers MasticadoresIndia!

Enhorabuena por obtener un total de 200 seguidores en… Congratulations on gaining a total of 200 followers on… MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill.

Masticadores breaks a new record!

We have broken a new record of readers, and of them 25% of readers in English. And we continue to fight to expand, in addition to the Spanish language, the content in Romanian, Italian, and Portuguese. I thank the writers who bring it to life, and its editors / es Gabriela Marie Milton MUsa, Terveen…


MasticadoresIndia was born just a week ago and has already conquered its +100 followers Thanks! and… Thanks!