Submission Guidelines

1. Indian writers and international writers from all around the world are welcome to submit. English only.

2. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry – all is welcome. Please make sure your writing is well edited with no spelling or grammatical mistakes.

3. The maximum word limit for each submission is 1200 words.

4. Graphic language and content is acceptable if it is justified and enhances the meaning of the written content. The editors will decide that. So please, consider this point while writing.

5. You will be intimated the tentative date on which your article will be published. If you don’t hear from us in two weeks regarding this, then please drop me an email. We are looking for long term associations, so pour your hearts and minds out to us.

6. Each submission should have a short Author Bio. (2-3 lines), an Author picture, and a link to the author’s website or social media page. We want you to gain as much exposure as possible.

7. This is a “Writers for Writers” initiative. We are overjoyed to provide a virtual platform for your words and author identity. Please help us spread the word about MasticadoresIndia. Let’s build a creative network.

8. If you wish to submit work that has already been published, then please make sure you have the rights to do so. But we greatly encourage fresh writing pieces.

9. At a time, you are welcome to submit a maximum of two pieces of writing. Word documents are preferred. Please do not type or paste your work in the body of the email.

10. If you have any other queries, then please email me.

All submissions and queries should be emailed to:

Please mention the subject of the email as – MasticadoresIndia Writing Submission.