Self-Forgiveness by Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

With lowered eyesand a hushed mouth,silence my sighs,while in mid route. Plastered smiles fly,push sorrows down.Happy disguise,covers deep frowns. Frantic inside,loud voices shout,hurt and chastised,in and throughout. Draw breath in tight,knees hit the ground,faith flows up high,angelic sounds. Sweat beads baptize,hopes swirl around,wishes arise,dissolving clouds. Stop to reviseregrets and doubts.Life provides light,that clear and sprout….

Something Not Even Jesus Could Forgive by Bogdan Dragos

she hadn’t been his wife because her religious family would never allow their sweet treasure to marry a lowlife like him But she had been his girlfriend because she needed to rebel against her family somehow But very little of that mattered now She was no longer among the living and it was her own…